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Mango-flavored fruit green juice with ingredients that support beauty and health.

Recommended for breakfast and desserts for women who care about their beauty, and as snacks for children who don't like vegetables.


8 kinds of vegetables from Kyushu

Young barley leaves, Kale, Angelica keiskei, Young sesame leaves, Mulberry leaves, Botan bofu, Goya, Burdock


16 kinds of fruit juice

Apple, pear, grapefruit, passion fruit, lemon, red grape, strawberry, pineapple,

Mango, lychee, orange, kiwifruit, peach, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry


Beauty ingredients

Apple fiber (containing ceramide), placenta, elastin, proteoglycan

・Enzyme made by fermenting 107 kinds of ingredients

・Contains 10 billion plant-derived lactic acid bacteria K-1


Nutritional information: (1 bag: per 3g) Energy: 7.71kcal, protein: 0.23g, fat: 0.06g, carbohydrates: 2.57g (sugars: 2.21g, dietary fiber: 0.36g), salt equivalent: 0.002g


How to take: As a health supplement, take 1 to 2 bags a day. Dissolve 1 bag in approximately 80 to 100 mL of water, lukewarm water, or milk.

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